Peter Virdee: – CEO

Peter Virdee provides a strategic direction at WTL, having built a successful property empire worth over £4 billion in property assets worldwide. Peter has been active in the property development and investment sector over the past 18 years on an international level. Trained as a biochemist, he ventured into business from an early age due to his unrivalled tenacity and natural business acumen. Peter has now diversified his investments into other strong and proven growth sectors such as FSA regulated Insurance Brokerage (www.bircroft.co.uk) renewable energy (www.pvenergyltd.com) Mineral trading. Peter brings vast experience and knowledge to grow a business.


James Lau:- Operations Director

A self made and dynamic personality who has been intimately involved with the development and management of trading of Iron Ore, Chromite, Manganese, Coal for more than a decade. His efforts and experience in mineral trading and logistics systems have been instrumental in raising the company to new heights of efficiencies. His vast experience in dealing with China state owned companies and identifying their needs is vital to WTL.


Tahir Khan: – Commercial Director

With a background in commodities trading, international business development and strategic alliance planning, Tahir Khan has more than 8 years experience in joint venture negotiations, resource funding and capital raising.

Tahir has extensive knowledge of international commodities markets based on his dealings with government and private sectors in China, right across the mining industries.






Steve Kamholz: – Operations Manager

Steve Kamholz is a qualified Mining Engineer with over 20 years professional experience in both operational and logistics management.

This experience has encompassed involvement in operations management throughout South Africa as well as internationally.


Capt.Vivek Verma

MBA(Finance) + Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) + BSc (Nautical Sciences) + Master Mariner Certificate of competency license.
Work Experience of 18 years as a Mariner (All ranks) including Master’s experience of 6 years.



Educational qualification is BSc (Nautical Sciences) + Master Mariner Certificate of competency license.

Work Experience of 16 years as a Mariner (All ranks) including Master’s experience of 4 years Chartering / Broking experience of 8 years working with Indian companies.


LH Lau: Mineral Ores World Wide Procurement Manager

LH has over 10 years of experience in procuring mineral ores and coal products. He specializes in sourcing new suppliers and mining companies. His previous experiences include setting up coal operations, and Iron ores operations in Indonesia and Malaysia.


Lawrence Xu: – China Marketing Representative

A native Chinese speaking professional, Lawrence has many years of experience in the commodity market. His expertise includes market research, logistics, inspections of commodities and customer support. His experiences in logistics and markets conditions in China enables WTL to be a significant commodity player in the world market.


John Chow: – China Technical Representative.

A native Chinese speaking professional, John is a native Shanghainese and is trained as an engineer in China. He has a deep technical and professional knowledge of commodity, hedging and technical market analysis. He is also knowledgeable in the environmental projects across China. John’s market analysis enables WTL to forecast market trends and to take correct market positions.